In The Purpose Driven Church, Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church identifies five commitment levels at which ministries are aimed (Community, Crowd, Congregation, Committed and Core). They then identify a ministry purpose for each level (Outreach, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Service). The Commitment Level Model of Youth Ministry does not identify a specific purpose for each level. Here are some thoughts regarding identifying ministry purposes at each level:

The Windsor Fellowship's model of youth ministry involves six levels of ministry among youth. It starts with a Contact Event aimed at reaching unchurched youth on their turf by making contact and establishing a relationship with them (the purpose at this level is Mission). They are invited to a Connect Event which is a programming designed to introduce them to the group, discover truth about Jesus Christ and hear the gospel in a non-threatening environment (the purpose at this level is Evangelism). The next stage is for the new convert to attend a Follow-up Event where they are established in the faith (the purpose at this level is Basic Discipleship). They then attend a Growth Event designed to help them grow spiritually (the purpose at this level is Advanced Discipleship). The next stage is an Impact Event where growing youth can reach out and impact their community for Christ (the purpose at this level is Service). Finally, those ready to be involved in leadership are trained at a Leader Event (the purpose at this level is Ministry). The key words on this page link to further details for each level.

The group has chosen to differentiate between the purposes of mission and evangelism to the extent that mission involves evangelism away from the church - on the turf of unchurched young people who will not attend a Christian event; while evangelism involves sharing the gospel of Christ with young people who are willing to attend the youth group - even if they are only coming for the fun component of the programme. Both of these purposes could be grouped under the phrase: Outreach.

The purpose of discipleship is split into two sections - emphasising the difference between new convert follow up (basic discipleship) and the ongoing nurturing of believers in their walk with Christ (advanced discipleship).

While the final two purposes of service and ministry overlap in some ways, service refers to equipping and mobilising young people to serve people in their community while ministry refers to equipping and involving young people in leadership positions within the youth group.

So, the main purposes functioning in the group at present are:
1. Outreach (Mission and Evangelism)
2. Discipleship (Basic and Advanced)
3. Service
4. Ministry

The other purposes which function within ministry at various levels are worship and fellowship.

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